To Our Customers

March 15, Updated July 14, 2020 EST 

To Our Employees

March 13 Updated Aug 31, 2020 

Message for All Team Members,

The main priority of Auto-Wares and your Leadership team is the health, safety, and wellness of our employees and customers. I want you to know that decisions will be made with this priority at the core. We continue to monitor the rapidly developing and relevant information on the COVID-19 virus. We are discussing how this may affect Auto-Wares daily and will be releasing communication that will cover frequently asked questions, as well as best practices for keeping your work environment safe and clean as possible for you, our employees, and the community.
Information will be coming starting today that will address the following topics:
• Communication; All information delivery methods will be used along with a LAUNCH tile on (AWIOL) that will contain all communication and support materials for departments and managers.
• Feedback; Our Helpdesk will be monitored 24 hours a day during this event. Beginning Friday 03-13-20
• HR Policies and Action Steps; We have been actively reviewing AWI HR policies as they relate to the current and changing governmental actions and communications. In addition, we have been working to outline how we may address unprecedented workforce events that could require some temporary and/or case by case policy modification when possible. These will be communicated ongoing.
• Specific Departmental Bulletins; Information and/or Action Bulletins will begin distribution on 03-12-20. Many communications will be for all. However in some cases the Distribution Centers, Store Locations, Delivery, Sales Force or Office Staff will require specific communication as will be indicated.
• Operations; we have identified some adjustments to our operations that we can implement very quickly in hopes to lessen close contact interactions. Communications on these will start immediately.
I ask that you act immediately and completely on any action items sent. I am also asking you to be diligent in your prevention efforts to keep your buildings, vehicles and work areas cleaned as often as you can. Last but not least, please communicate any questions or concerns via (being monitored closely) or contact your supervisor.

Todd Leimenstoll
President – CEO
Auto-Wares Group of Companies